Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Islam Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Islam - Essay Example This we have learned from our Prophet, Mohammed. The method of ablution is specified by the Prophets mannerisms. Much of the Sunnah has been collected in Traditions of the Prophet known as Hadith. Not all Hadith are considered canon however, and the study of Hadith is a system of knowledge in unto itself. These understandings are the cornerstone of Islamic Life even in America. Islamic architecture is used in today's homes and mosques and work places. Perhaps most notable are the domed roofs of nearly all government centers. From county court houses to state capitols to the congress, the dome is a symbol of Islamic tradition as barrowed from enlightened Europeans. It is known that fraternal organizations concentrated on the formation of a liberated America. These organizations often draw from ancient symbols of the near east, one of which is the domed architecture. As a revival of such methods promulgate, we see more and more domes and minarets in America - sign Muslim communities are returning to traditional Islamic architecture. How much of what we know of modern society may be traced back to the advent of Islamic society Bin Fadlan an 11 century Persian scholar recounted something of the state to which Europe had fallen following the collapse of the Roman Empire. Barbarian tribes had overrun Europe and society had fallen into the violent disarray of feudal fiefs. Common people suffered and ignorance reigned.

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