Sunday, February 23, 2020

Frederick Taylors claim that his Scientific Management Principles Essay

Frederick Taylors claim that his Scientific Management Principles would lead to maximum prosperity for both employers and employees is inherently flawed - Essay Example The people are needed to work smarter instead of harder. Basically, his views are rooted in efficiency. Prior to his proposition, labor then can be considered as a specialized process for every worker. This includes the view of craftsmanship wherein only the particular worker has the idea regarding his work. The said process is viewed by Taylor as highly inefficient since the job done is completely dependent on the time set by the workers. This pushed Taylor propose the quantification of the work that are needed to be done. For that matter, he started to give possible ways and standards to be able to determine the rate of work needed and continuously improve the process (Darmody 1; Jones and George 20). To be able to achieve the efficiency that is needed, an able manager who can oversee the activities and can set the level of work that should be accomplished is another important factor of the scientific management. The mindset of the workers based on Taylor’s principles is needed to revolve around the factors such as efficiency and productivity. He believed that increased in production or the amount of work done is the most important aim in the industries. Basically during his time wherein there is a recognized need for increase in production, the idea he presented is highly applicable. For that matter, the scientific management is the first method and philosophy in management that had been known and applied internationally. It can be related to the idea of mass production by Ford which is also rooted for increased efficiency (Crainer 44). According to Taylor, scientific management is composed of 75 percent science and 25 percent common sense, thus, the method used in working is the most important component. For that matter he prioritizes the motivation of the workers through incurring the view that in every task that is undertaken, the search for the most efficient method is one of the main goals (Crainer 44). The fundamental

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