Wednesday, June 19, 2019

International Business Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 2

International Business - Research Paper ExampleThe interviewer should non oral sex not being entertained with a hand-shake from a Saudi official of the frigid sex, and ideally, not offer a hand-shake to a Saudi official of the opposite sex in the first place.Gift-giving is not a norm though something small as a gift is recommendable. Saudi men do not like being gifted flowers, as they argon deemed suitable for gifting to women. One should refrain from offering alcohol to Saudi officials unless one is sure that they partake. Saudi officials do not open gifts in front of the giver. When invited for an interview, it is more recommendable to arrange a nice Arabian feast rather than a gift.Suitable places for socialization with Saudis are international hotels and restaurants. Saudis choose restaurants and hotels for interviews particularly with expatriates that are unfamiliar to them. Once association is developed with them, Saudis may offer an invitation of a visit to their homes. How ever, an international hotel is never a wrong choice while selecting location for interview with Saudi officials.If an interview is arranged at the home of a Saudi official, the interviewer is expected to remove the situation at the entrance and he/she should be dressed conservatively. While Saudi officials appreciate punctuality, being a little late does not jeopardize the interview. senior Saudi officials expect to be greeted first. It is recommendable for the interviewer to accept the offer of dates and Arabian coffee by the interviewee even if the interviewer normally does not drink coffee. If invited for a meal, the interviewer should expect a lot of socializing and discussion before the meal is actually served. However, there is very little, if any, talking during eating.Although many Saudi officials serve the meal on a dining table, yet the interviewer should not be surprised if the meal is placed on a sheet laid on the floor. In such a setting, the interviewer should either kneel on one knee or sit cross-legged. Most

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