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Potential output of Georgia(country) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Potential output of atomic number 31(country) - Essay Example gallium are farming (12.5%), industry (27.9%) and services (59.6%).3 According to Georgia Economic Review (2009) the nominal phrase Gross Domestic Product of Georgia has increased from 8,564 in 2003 to 19,070 in 2008. It gist that in the last five years, the total increase in nominal GDP of the country is about 123%. The real GDP growth rate 2008 of Georgia is 2.1% which means that the output level of the country has increased. The global financial crisis 2007-2009 has lowered the GDP of many countries while the output of Georgia even during the crisis has remained positive. The value of nominal GDP shows that major increase in nominal GDP is brought by inflationary pressures and increase in the worth of goods and services however, real GDP explicitly shows that a small increase in output of the country has been also seen.Georgia is considered as a country rich in energy resources. However, in 2007, the total oil extrac tion was 55-60 thousand tons which was very low as compared to the annual demand of 750 thousand tons.4 On the other hand in the same year, the annual consumption of electricity in the country was about 8.5 billion kWh while the country production was higher than consumption, thereby making Georgia a net electricity exporter.5 It is the only country in the region (which doesnt have its own bobble resource) that was not affected by gas crises in January 2009 (Georgia Economic Overview). Georgia has huge opportunities in hydro energy because of the construction of 500 kv power transmission line to Turkey, 78 MV Paravani HPP and 38 MW Mtkwari HPP. Surprisingly, although its hydro energy output is so huge however, only 18% of hydro effectiveness has been used. The overall industrial production growth rate of Georgia in 2008 is -1%.The potential output of agriculture sector of the country has started to cover the wreckage caused by civil unrest. In the Georgian agriculture, winemaking is the major area however, since Russia was the major importer of

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