Thursday, July 25, 2019

Dental education in United States especially University of minnesota Research Paper

Dental education in United States especially University of minnesota - Research Paper Example According to this work, Hayden was born in a military family with most of the members of his family serving as honorable military personnel. In fact, it is documented that one of his ancestors served as a captain in the Pequot war for a whole lifetime. Haydens first career was architecture but after taking a vacation in New York and visiting Dr. Greenwood, he changed his vocation to dentistry. He then moved back to Baltimore and established a dental office or clinic treating patients with dental problems within his reach. At the start, dentistry was majorly learnt through the mediocre preceptorial system that made it look like a mechanical process instead of the science that it was. Despite the existence of a national dentistry union in the United States, many of the practitioners were not treated as members of an organized profession. In fact from the start, the members of the profession were subjected to a treatment that focused on the viability of the profession. As a result, the training on the profession experienced a number of challenges that were based on the admission of the profession to the field of medicine. In this paper, while examining the history of dentistry education in the United States, also explores the fact that the establishment of dental education was marred with an infinitive link between the subject and medical education. As such the difference caused a rift that would shape the acceptance of the practice and education of the same. Thesis: the establishment of various state legislations and provisions within law led to the recognition of dentistry in the education system and medical fraternity. The introduction of dental studies and its origins in Maryland and the influence of the British nationals, therefore, has a special relation. The British threat of Baltimore in 1813 made Hayden enlist as a private in the army commanded by Captain Christian Anderson within the Maryland

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