Friday, July 26, 2019

Profational writing sample Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Profational writing sample - Essay Example The above strengths enable me to develop results focused plans, multitask, communicate and listen, make sound decisions firs, delegate tasks, help other when they need me, and have a positive outlook. The traits that were identified and appeared relevant to my career choice include critical thinking, approachable, credibility, results oriented, and persuasiveness. The above traits have always enabled me relate appropriately with people from diverse groups and with varying opinions. From the reports I got, I realized I possess skills such as supervisory skills since I can manage others in a group. Other skills included ability to lead and motivate others, good analytical skills and ability to plan. A combination of the above skills, strength, and traits suggested that I would fit in careers that require me to deal with people, one of which is being a human resource manager. 2) Given the career goals you hope to achieve by completing your degree, which of these categories would you find most helpful in gaining the knowledge that would be most useful to your future career success? Explain why and how in as much detail as possible After completing my degree my goal is to become a human resource manager and I will be required to conduct activities covered in this course and include Strategic HR Management, creating Equal Employment Opportunity, Staffing, Talent Management and Development, Total Rewards, Risk Management and Worker Protection, and Employee as well as Labor Relations. From the above activities, the most helpful to my career as a human resource manager is strategic human resource management. Strategic human resource management (SHRM) entails creating a link between overall strategic aims of an organization and the human resource strategy as well as implementation of the strategies. Therefore, SHRM is universal and enables human resource

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