Monday, July 29, 2019

Legalization of Marijuana Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words - 1

Legalization of Marijuana - Research Paper Example The prohibition of marijuana came in 1937 when the state declared its consumption illegal (Havelka 1). Since its prohibition, related cases of marijuana consumption continue to dominate the law enforcement sector and victims who break the law face the justice system. The question as to whether the drug should be legal draws considerable support and disregard from a range of diplomatic, social, economic and health grounds. In the contemporary society, legalization of marijuana would form a fair ground in the end of the debate. The apparent anticipation by a number of individuals of the possibility of an increase in marijuana consumption upon its legalization does not form a credible reason to oppose the debate. Since the illegalization of marijuana, the numbers of people who consume it continue to rise and increase. An increase in the number of consumers of marijuana, according to records by the law enforcement sector, is an indispensable reality. Partly, the elevating number of marij uana users emanates from the illegality of its consumption since the illegality strikes the urge from many people, the youth especially, to try out its use. There are several theories that suggest that illegalizing drug use and its prohibition boost the usage, on the contrary. The ban on alcohol use, for instance, eradicated a considerable resource of revenues taxes from the government and increased the spending of government to impose the laws. These are applicable in the use of marijuana, given its prohibition. Legalization of marijuana, therefore, would eliminate the psychological effect that strikes the youth to try out its use. Legalization would lower the number of new addicts of marijuana and its consumption and abuse. It is, therefore, viable and logical to legalize marijuana in the contemporary society as a means to reduce the number of new addicts and users, especially among the youths. The fight against drug and substance abuse is an evidently expensive engagement for a n umber of governments. It involves the enforcement of the law that prohibits the conduct. There is an increase in the expenses in the judicial system to execute cases of marijuana sales victims and those who consume the drug. The various expenses used shall considerably reduce with the legalization of marijuana. Besides reducing the expenses used to ensure no marijuana use, legalizing marijuana in would serve as a source of revenues. Tax imposed on marijuana can help in boosting the amount of revenue collected by the country. The sales of marijuana with its legalization would increase job opportunities. Increased job opportunities have a vital contribution in ensuring a stable economic condition of a country. It would turn advantageous to legalize marijuana use given the role it would play in contributing to an improved economic condition. Ensuring a healthy population is a key role of every government. Drug and substance abuse is detrimental to the health of the population that the government has the mandate to protect. Government health officials rarely test illegal drugs for their safety when consumed by the citizens since they are sold through unaccepted means. Illegal sales of drugs render the health of the public at stake since the drugs do not pass health tests. Legalization of marijuana would see an enactment of laws that will have provisions on heath standards consideration for its sales. This will improve the

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