Thursday, November 21, 2019

A Competence of Children Safeguarding Service Research Paper

A Competence of Children Safeguarding Service - Research Paper Example Since many of the managers from the established management team have been working in their departments for over 30 years, there has been much resistance on their part when it comes to implementing changes within their organization. In fact, I have been considered a threat to these managers. The Operations Manager, for instance, feels that change within her organization is absolutely unnecessary since they have gotten positive feedback regarding their services in the past. However, after assessing the performance of all the managers, I have found out that there are indeed a number of problems that need to be addressed. These are namely, 1) Poor response or lack response, 2) poor information systems, 3) lack of support and training for managers and staff members, 4) poor and infrequent supervision, 5) the failure to implement policies and procedures, 6) poor structures within services, 5) infrastructure is fragmented and disorganized. This report shall provide information pertaining to implementing change within an organization and managing members of the staff, especially with regards to introducing change. I shall also make references to the current issues when it comes to safeguarding children social workers undertaking child protection services. Clearly, considering that the managers are not welcoming change within their organization as they should, there is a need for this report in order to provide information regarding appropriate human resource management, organizational culture, and organizational behavior.   I have decided to use journals as sources, as well as articles from the Internet and books.

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