Sunday, November 3, 2019

Economics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 20

Economics - Essay Example In this context, it is proposed to study the case of Aer Lingus, the national carrier of Ireland, whose existing promotional mix shall be analyzed thereby helping provide a foundation to devise an improved marketing and communication plan that can be used to enhance the brand awareness thereby increasing the number of customers in the long run. Travelling to Ireland has never been cheaper. Be it travelling from North America across the transatlantic route or from any destination in Europe, the price disparity between destinations in Ireland and neighboring England is bewildering and more often than not the so called ‘budget’ airlines that promote a no frills offer have often left customer paying more than what they would have spent on a regular flight. Besides, all this is without the regular refreshments on offer. The most prominent form of advertising strategy currently followed by Aer Lingus relies extensively on the Internet wherein the primary emphasis is on flights to and from Ireland. The company has grown from a small carrier to Ireland’s principal carrier by thriving on the idea of the ‘no-frills airline’ concept, a business model that has been adopted by several European airlines such as Ryan air and Easyjet. Additionally, Aer Lingus offers inter - continental flights to and from the United States in addition to the newly opened route to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. Most of Aer Lingus’ branding is based on web based advertising wherein it has adopted a bidirectional approach. For customer hailing from within Ireland, the company has used the local print and mass media through newspapers and television in order to keep the brand name afresh among the people. Secondly, in order to generate business from overseas customer flying into Ireland, the airline has established partnerships with several airline booking websites such as,

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