Sunday, November 17, 2019

Explaining the Focus Learners Use of Communication How does the Assignment

Explaining the Focus Learners Use of Communication How does the educator analyze students use of language to develop con - Assignment Example In order to achieve this, candidates have to be granted the opportunity to satisfy the necessary requirements in the edTPA handbook for their specified subject. Furthermore, the candidates should be responsible for planning and assessment during the edTPA training; present video recordings and complete the edTPA within the specified timeframe. The edTPA affects mentor teachers, teacher preparation programs, and teacher candidates. Teacher candidates are affected by edTPA in the sense that the process is intended to instill confidence in candidate teachers while at the same time acceleration the process of effective teaching. Data and evidence is used by the teacher preparation programs with aims of focusing experience and classroom performance. On the side of mentor teachers, the process brings about a sense of shared ownership while targeting the student teaching experience outcomes. The edTPA is a very helpful process that helps educators to assess learners. The experience gained from the process is not only applicable in classrooms but also in the outside world to study and help special learners and

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