Friday, April 19, 2019

Consumer buying behaviour blogs and portfolio Essay

Consumer buying behaviour blogs and portfolio - Essay ExampleHowever certain experience annoys customers in context of purchasing a branded good or helping. I commonly preferred branded products because I thought money value of the brand is worthwhile. In terms of behavioral sciences of consumer behaviour it is clearly evident that psychological needs usually influence an individual to purchase a brand. I had a bitter experience with deuce well known brands Samsung and Levis. These two brands were my favourite and I was score to pay premium prices for these brands. In my college days I used to wear Levis jeans because I felt up that its quality or texture will not degrade. I was literally shocked when I precept my perception about the brand was totally wrong. There are two or three Levis waivers near my locality and I usually purchase jeans from these outlets from past many years. Recently some new sales person was hired in this retail outlet and they did not have friendly behaviour. I purchased two jeans and it was expensive but my shopping experience was more pathetic. None of the sales person in the outlet helped me to select the best product and I had to find the best fit for myself (Cheryl and Thuhang, 2007). This in turn had displace a negative image about the brand in my mind. However after sales service of Levis jeans were worse because one of the jeans turned out to be of low quality and I had to return it back. I nearly spend half day resolving issue at the outlet since they were not ready for cash back. From that day I have decided that I will avoid any line of branded items. Samsung was another brand which had annoyed me to a great extent. I purchased an electronic item of Samsung fewer months back but it failed to deliver desired service level. On the other hand one of my friends had bought similar electrical device from not so well known brand and it performed well. Customer perception is arduous to change since it is based on attit udes and beliefs.

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