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Health and Social Care Essay Example for Free

health and Social Care EssayGoernment (National)- Greenwich Council (Locally) World Herit maturate Site (Internally). The National Maritime Museum preparedness target by the government to meet the needs and to attract different types of node all over the world and alike to propose better facilities such as providing wheel chair for disabled people. Sponsors one of the sponsors is PO they want quality exhibits, which convey they could hand over good globeity which lead to better public im develop. Researchers- Researchers produce different types of research from over the world and encourage the museum to improve on their exhibits. Suppliers who supply diet and other products and the supplier expect good pay at the right time. Owners of Exhibits The owner of exhibits wants security on their collections of picture or etc and a good feedback from the museum. Customers The client wants good Customer Service, helpfulness staff and to provide better facilities for special need s. Staff The staff should be motivated, which then depart lead to good gross sales and profit. The staff will take over an experience maneuvering with different types of customers.Friends (emailprotected) Friends of the National Maritime Museum actively represent the largest Maritime Museum in the world. The friends mission is to support the work of the National Maritime Museum, the Royal Observatory and the queen House by. In 1997/1998 the Maritime Museum had 50% of people visited the museum, only in 1998/1999 the Maritime Museum had 54%, which means the visitor number has increased by 4%. In 1999/00 the museum had 52% but by 2000/01 it has decrease by 3%. By 2001/02 the museum visitors has gone up by 10%. This table shows the predicted target market.The age group of 18-24, In 1997/98 they were 10% of Visitors and in 2001/02 it was 7% which means it has decreased by 3 % since 1997/1998. In 1997/98 they were 18% of visitors visited who are aged from 25-34 and in 2001/02 it wa s 19%, which means it has gone up by 1% since 1997/98. Although it was a diverge in 1998/99, because the number of visitors who are aged 25-34 has increased by 4% since1997/98. The age group 35-44, in 1997/98 it was 23% and in 2001/02 it was 23% which means they have been no change but in 1999/00 the plowshare went up suddenly they have decrease since 2000/02.In 1997/98 it was 24% but in 1998/99 the percentage went down by 2%. From 1999/01 they have been no change of percentage of visitors arriving but in 2001/02 the percentage has decreased by 1% since 2000/01. The age group of 55-64, in 1997/98 it was 15% but the figure went down until 1999/00. However the figure went up in 2000/02. In 1997/98 it was 10% of visitors who are aged 65+ but the percentage stayed comparable until 1999. Although the percentage starts to rise slowly in 2000 by 2001 the percentage has gone up by 2%.This table shows the predicted income. In 1997/98 it was 37% visitors visited who were A/B Income earners , but by 2001/02 it has increased by 47%. The C1 Income earners visited the museum in 1997/98 was 46% and in 2001/02 it has decreased by 35%, but also the percentage did rise in 1999/00. In 1997/98 it was 12% who were C2 income earners, but in 2001/02 it has decreased by 9%, however the figure did rise in 1999/00. the D/E Income earners visited the museum in 1997/98 was 5% but in 2001/02 it has gone up by 9%, but there was steady change in 1998/2000.Overall it show that in 1997/98 it was most likely that C1 Income earners visited the Museum but by 2001/02 it has changed because A/B Income earners are likely to visit the museum * Predicted staffing needs This table shows the staffing levels. The visitors were very satisfied with the exhibition bring out in 1997/98 but the visitors were very satisfied in 2001/02 because it has gone up by 4%. There were only 2% of visitors not satisfied with the exhibition display in 1997/98 but it went down by 1%.In 1997/98, 50% of visitors were sati sfied with the staff but in 2001/02 the percentage has increased by 14%. They were no satisfaction in 1997/98 or in 2001/02. This is an rating on customer service at Maritime Museum. I will be evaluating the service provided by the museum when I went for the visit. I enjoyed my trip to the Maritime Museum and it has helped with my assignment on customer service and also they provided information, which will help my coursework.The service provided by the National Maritime Museum was excellent and the staffs were motivated to their work. I had great greetings when I visited the museum and I was provided information on the exhibits, when I didnt last. E. g. when I visited one of the history section I didnt know about Nelson so the staff took his time to explain for us, so I thought that was good customer service. The lecture from the staff was good because they took their time on providing information, which I thought it was a good customer service.The purpose of this letter is to ex press to you my apologies for any inconvenience you may have experienced on the twenty-seventh of March 2006 due to standards of service you experienced in our restaurant. I have taken my time to investigate your case and the possible reason I could give you is that my staff didnt have record of your booking and so you had to wait for 45 minutes to be seated because the restaurant was full. We are terribly sorry if you were discomfit by our service. During the 45 minutes the manager sat you at the bar and gave your party free drinks.As soon as the table were clear, the staff sat you down in two different tables and meantime we were preparing vegetarian food. I have come up with a solution to solve these problems. I will be talking to my staff about the record of booking. I will also have word with the work and provide better training on dealing with customers. I will make sure the systems work correctly. For the Disappointment service you had received by our restaurant we will p rovide you a free meal and better service from our restaurant. Once again I am terribly sorry for the service provided by our restaurant

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