Saturday, April 27, 2019

The future of Cloud Security Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

The proximo of demoralise Security - Essay ExampleResolving the security factor is top priority and this paper looks into the future outlook of the misdirect calculate and associated security level attainable. Key words API, security, virtualization, malw be Introduction The cloud computing allows for large number of benefits ranging from space to remedy of work, however the security threat makes it one of the most defenceless medium in this regard (Mather, et al. 2009). On demand delivery is one of the core functions of cloud computing, fashioning use of the resources only when required. They can be operated on various scales in private environments, hybrid or community as a whole. Safety with regard to the info contained in the networks, the structuring of the entropy with regard to ease of flow of information. The fact that the potential provider of data may stand helpless with the safety of data and this happens due to the fact that the overall interface is a virtual one and does not have every fixed physical existence as was the case in previous storage patterns and methods that were commonly in use. Future prospect Considering its effective performance and the potential advantages it possesses, it is certainly the technology that would dominate the future trends of technological world, however factors like security of interface, the password cracking, minimizing the challenges posed by the bots, and eliminating their role, allowing for safer operations from within the network, all these are few of the steps and actions that must be taken into account in order to make cloud computing a more secure one for the future operations and future dominance. Present day situation At present the concept of cloud computing is prone to number of direct and corroborative threats these threats raise serious concerns regarding the future and their potential productivity in this regard. These challenges come in form of impertinent usage of the network from with in, ease of access to outside intruders, and most prominently the lack of infrastructure that would be required for an established network that facilitates the usage and services with due consideration of the security concerns of the users and the service providers in form of the servers, business enterprises and numerous other related entities. I.P address stealing, intellectual property related capacity stealing, these are few of the potential loopholes that define the present day standing of cloud computing technologies. handling of the data bases (Fiore & Aloisio, 2011), ensuring their safety with regard to all the information that is cosmos stored in them, transactions that are being performed through the integrated network, scheduling procedures for the resources that are being allocated and parallel processing without any infringement of the data and information are few of the steps and considerations that ought to be resolved to make the cloud computing networks a safer te chnological option. Shared technology consideration The sharing of the interface and architecture is a concern that allows for exposure with regard to the safe existence and performance of cloud computing networks. The function of isolation is a merry concept in the domain of cloud computing

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