Saturday, October 12, 2019

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This paper explores the correlation between a person’s personality and their zodiac sign. Multiple human subjects from each of the twelve zodiac signs were asked to take a 70-question personality test. The results of each survey were compared to the answer key for their respective zodiac sign. The answer keys were created by answering a survey from the point of view of each zodiac sign separately by using a basic description of what astrology says a person’s personality should be based on their zodiac sign. The amount of questions the subject answered the same with their answer key was added to each of the other results in that zodiac category. After all of the results were received for each zodiac group, an ANOVA test was performed to determine whether there was a significant variance in data between the 12 groups. To further test the data, the total number of points received on each survey in a group was averaged to decide whether each group was similar to their zodi ac personality. After experimentation, the results conclude that there was a significant difference in the results from each group. Because of this conclusion, it was proven that there is no significant correlation between a person’s personality and their zodiac sign. Astrology can be defined in many ways, one being â€Å"the study of occult influences of stars on human affairs† (â€Å"What is Astrology?†). Another interpretation of this definition is the prediction of a person’s personality and life events based on the placement on stars. â€Å"’Astrology wants to be religion and science at the same time† (Schoener). Whether Astrology is a real science or a theory based on lies is a widely debated topic between many people ranging from well-established scientists to everyday ci... ...rological predictions because the current system is very vague. Due to a very small sample size of each zodiac sign (one group only had 5 subjects), it may be beneficial to conduct the experiment with larger groups in order to increase the accuracy of the results. Also, a more comprehensive survey could be used to increase accuracy. Because participants knew what the survey was going to be about beforehand, they could have filled it out according to how they want to be viewed rather than how they really are. The survey used for this project seemed to focus on whether someone was more intellectual or creative exclusively. Despite the areas of possible effort, it is important to note that the results of this experiment should not be brushed off and further experimentation on the legitimacy of astrology should be conducted to validate the results of this experiment.

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