Saturday, October 19, 2019

My strengths and personality based approach to help children w Essay

My strengths and personality based approach to help children w behavioral problem - Essay Example It is important therefore to help children socialize and behave adequately in the society. So one of my main duties is to develop child's integrity into the society. I try to be as helpful as I can, so I always try to apply the most efficient methods, e.g. family work, as it is essential to help each member of the family establish healthy and harmonious contacts inside the family and promote integrity. The main points of my work are assessment, consultation, counselling and crisis intervention. I am also encouraged to bring new approaches to the assessment and intervention process and support the development of programs that creatively deal with the issues of children with emotional and behavioral problems. It is possible to receive proper working skills after finishing higher education, but there are also personal qualities, which are impossible to study. So it is necessary to examine one's own personality in order to find his strengths, which are useful directly on the working place, or in broader meaning - to identify if the occupation suits him (her). Adaptable, restorative, applying intellection, deliberative and harmonious. Adaptability is the ability of an individual to survive and maintain its coherence under unfixed internal and external factors. The word 'adaptation' implies a result at a certain point in time, an adjustment that is a state of relatedness. Adaptability helps me first of all, establish strong contact with child or his parents, to receive feedback. My patients and me get quickly accustomed to each other, which is important for fertile work. At our first meeting, seeing new person often causes strange feelings in child or even in his parents, so adaptability is essential as I have consulting duties.'Restorative' implies ability to help others to restore themselves (whatever - their health or mood). As for me those who help children with behavioural problems are required to be restorative, as it is possible to get positive results only possessing such a quality. Medical therapy is important - beyond any doubt - , but it is even more important to restore child's psychics, give him a charge of energy, which will help him cope with his crisis.Intellection in practical meaning is some kind of sensibility. In other words, I always meet all the troubles examining them with my reason, trying to consider them carefully, but not to dive and not to be lost sink in my patient's problems. My common sense is conditional to scrutinizing exceptionally complicated cases.Intellection is way to detailed case examination, which is necessary for me in long-lasting case management. In addition, excessive emotionality is harmful or even hazardous during the work with children who have behavioral problems, thus, I never forget that I am first of all, a specialist and have to act within the frames of my duties.Also I never rush making decision, since I believe it is possible to solve a problem only after extended working with information and gaining some experience concerning particular case.If I say I am deliber ative, it means that I am always ready to

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