Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Interview paper Research Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Interview - Research Paper Example Clishia Taylor acquired her nursing profession after attending an undergraduate program in the College of Rochelle leading to a degree in bachelors of Science in Nursing. She has also mastered in business administration from the University of Connecticut in which she majored in health care administration and finance, a course that she considers an upper hand in her career development in the nursing field. Along the way, she received a doctorate degree in health care Ministry in theological seminary school in the US, which she feels expanded her knowledge in the medical field. In addition, she has a rich experience in the medical field after working in different environment and acquiring a different experience in every place she worked. Among some of the experiences she considers relevant in her medical career is her internship in the National Health care Reform where she worked for the White house and enriched her knowledge in modeling health care units, which is a demand for the mod ern health environment. Also, she has served in the position of a psychiatrist in Yale Hospital and as a quality assurer in a nursing facility, which has backed her with over 30 years’ experience in this sector. In the year 1995, she founded AHCP in her endeavor to participate in modernizing the health care facilities not only in US but across the global scope. She is an active contributor in a the famous millennium magazine referred to as the Health Care Pulse Magazine that covers critical health issues in the international environment. The purpose of my interview with Clishia was to obtain clinical experience from a professional expert as part of the learning process. The Role of the Administrator DR Clishia, being the founder of this health institution, is the President of the American Health Care Professionals Hospitals and takes a leadership role in the organization. In the organizational chart, she forms part of the top level management and is involved in making of mana gement decisions within the organization. Second in the hierarchy of the organizational chart is the AHCP vice-president, Beatriz Arroyave, who answers directly to Clishia. In this interview, Clishia expressed the meeting in the organization as rather flexible though she explicitly stated that she meets with vice president at least twice in a week. With the lower level management, monthly meetings are scheduled for the last working day of the month when each administrator is required to report about the months experience and provide suggestions for program improvement in the next period. Being a nurse in profession, she also plays a role in patient evaluation and attendance to urgent matters within the hospital at her availability. She also reported that she plays a key role in financial management and control to ensure smooth running of the facility. Her strength in her administration role seems to emanate from her strong educational background coupled with her experience. During h er education, she acquired nursing skills in her undergraduate program and later reinforced it with health care administration. This integrative knowledge gives her an upper hand in handling matters in her own professional from an administrator’s point of view. While her knowledge in nursing helps her to understand the problems in this sector, her management skills help her solve the problems in that arise within the organi

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