Monday, October 7, 2019

Neglecting the Course of English Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Neglecting the Course of English - Essay Example The researcher states that the mistake that he did unintentionally was a late submission of a required essay, which is quite regretful for him. Due to failure to submit the essay in time, the author did not receive a passing grade in the class due to which, he was unable to complete the requirements for his admission. The researcher feels really sorry that he was unable to manage his time according to his activities that were equally important. This failure taught the author a lesson and he does not want this failure to prove as a dark spot on his transfer to UCSD. Being an international student, the narrator tries to do his best in his academics as well as other student activities prevalent in the educational institution. The researcher is fully aware that acquisition of English language is compulsory for the students due to which, he has attended community college for 19 months for learning the English language. The author has gained proficiency in reading and writing English langu age and he feels that his transcript is not reflective of it. Nevertheless, the narrator is prepared to retake the lower division or equivalent English writing course again in the college in order to meet the requirements of the missing units not as a junior but as a freshman/sophomore level. The author’s overall percentage in different subjects is not bad, which is quite evident from his major subject of Communication studies. The researcher is well prepared for the transfer to UCSD as he has shifted from San Jose all the way down to Southern California and he has found an apartment in La Jolla. The researcher has also read class catalog multiple times in order to plan for his classes and extracurricular activities. In order to upgrade his knowledge about UCSD, the researcher has attended transfer admitted day as he hopes to continue his studies in UCSD. In preparing to be transferred to UCSD, the author did not just enjoy his holidays back in his home country but the author has continued reading various books and also worked as an internet and this job had a requirement of daily usage of English language for communicating in terms of paper writing and speaking.

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