Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Why should Donuts be banned Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Why should Donuts be banned - Research Paper Example However, their taste is not enough to keep the supporters of the ban quiet. They say that donuts should be banned. They should disappear from the bakeries. They should not be present in bakeries that are located outside the hospitals because patients must be stopped from consuming the unhealthy food. For example, the Capital Health banned donuts in bakeries outside hospitals in Tim Hortons. The idea behind was to enable the staff of the hospital and patients to make healthier choices when it came to their eating habits. In 2009, deep fryers were also banned in the hospitals’ cafeterias for the same reasons. Obese people are also at a chance of catching more obesity if they will continue to eat donuts. Also, since kids are so much attracted to this round delight, they consume a lot of them which fills their stomachs with empty calories not providing them sufficient energy and nutrients. This also makes them obese if they do not consume donuts in balance. So, the whole concept r evolves around promoting a healthier lifestyle where people are at least risk of catching diseases associated with sugary food. On the other hand, the opponents of donut ban also have to say something to save some delight for their taste buds. They say that banning something to eat is of no sense. They state that alcohol is also banned for under-eighteen people but this only increases the fantasy. Banning donuts will also increase the demand for them. According to them, a sensible step is to discourage people from eating them. People should be made familiar with the healthier choices they can make. Patients should be taught the drawbacks of eating donuts so that they stop buying them. Patients always know what they have to eat. If they go for donuts, it is their choice. People opposing the ban say that donuts are not the only sugary substance in the market that needs a ban then. The need is to create awareness rather than making eatables disappear

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