Saturday, October 5, 2019

Politics in organizations Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Politics in organizations - Essay Example Within the leadership discussion, it would be apt to state that the leaders within the organizational domains have exerted their authority in a positive as well as a negative fashion. What this means is the fact that leaders have usually used all forms of tools that will manifest their control over the subordinates and employees who are working under their aegis. The negativity stems from the fact when politics come about as a major force to reckon with. This is a hugely significant undertaking on the part of any organization which has decided for its own self that politics will be kept away no matter how difficult the circumstances turn out to be for the organization (Storey 2004). The changing world of organizations have seen that leadership and management realms are now depending heavily on the use of power and politics for the sake of meeting their goals and objectives. It is a given that any organization would dearly cherish the idea of a politics-free environment so that the employees could breathe easily and also that no ill-will will come about whilst one is working within the domains of the organization. However this does not always come about as a reality so to speak. The reason for the same lies on the shoulders of the management gurus and top management cadres that literally rule the roost when it comes to gaining an understanding of the organizational realms. There should be sound values and principles within the organizational boundaries which ask of the employees to exert their authority in such a manner that no illegal undertakings are done on their part. This will solve quite a lot of problems for the sake of the organizations as well as the employees themselves. Moving on, the role of management within this discussion is an essential one. This is because any management entity would absolutely appreciate the idea of having a non-partis an, non-political ideology within its work manifestations. It has usually been seen that

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