Sunday, May 12, 2019

Convincing Irans leadership to stop its nuclear program Assignment

Convincing Irans leadership to term of enlistment its atomic program - Assignment ExampleThe shahs, who you serve, are responsible for enforcing harsh laws which make Iranians comply with your governances directives, since their fundamental human rights and freedoms have been ignored by your administration. Your media is a good example, where local journalists who phonate their concerns are being silenced. As the international community, we have observed the following measures to deal with the situation which is slowly getting bulge out of hand. As you well know, this is a way of thinking that is dangerous. The notion is that violence or the threat of it, must be responded to with violence, though in this modern day and age, seems outdated and uncivilized. As per your regimes behavior, you well know that vexing problems cannot be solved with force. This is not the correct method for the States and the international community.1 Your country so far poses no existential threat. Yo ur government is seen to be in inseparable disarray. We see that your political, economic and moral power is so inferior that resorting to terrorism and assassination to carry out international agenda seem to be your administrations viable option. Your country threatens to develop nuclear capabilities, but you should know that the international community and your neighbors like Israel would not hesitate to resort to military reach if and when the threat materializes, but as you know, military options against your country is not wise. This kind of retributive, vengeful action depart lead us to even a trillion dollar expenditure.

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