Friday, May 3, 2019

Social Performance, Part 2 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Social Performance, Part 2 - Essay ExampleThis ensures that the company operates within the condition guidelines. It is noteworthy that these guidelines are set under the federal official official sentencing guidelines for organizations. Every company should observe these guidelines whilst undertaking its operations. The federal sentencing guidelines are a set of rules, which enforces regularize sentencing policy to individuals and organizations condemned of criminal offences. These rules were set in the United States federal court system (Davidson, 2005). These set rules and regulations are only applicable to upright crimes, and offences. In this regard, the less serious crimes are excluded from these regulations. The primary goal for these guidelines aims at alleviating sentencing inequalities rampant in the established sentencing system. The guidelines promote the development of stiff programs by the company in an effort to prevent and identify law violation and set go for fac ilitating the program. Companies, therefore, should have set codes of conduct to be followed to avoid and minimize violation of laws. This will improve the repute of the company. The code of conduct is a system of behavior followed for maintenance and promotion of companys self-regard and reputation. Romco Company has set codes of conducts, which should be adhered to by its stakeholders including executives, board of directors, directors, company secretary, staff, and other employees. Each company has its take in set codes of conduct, the codes of conduct are unique for each company, and thus, there is no uniformity or standardized codes of company. The freedom accorded to these companies have contributed to problems in the way companies operates this is because some misuse it by setting codes for the sake of in the flesh(predicate) greed and interest. Romcos competitors are examples of companies with codes of conduct, which do not put into consideration the interest of its custom ers and competitors. Angels, Ramal, and Queens Companies spend in the same industry with Romco. The codes of these three companies are, however, different and do not agree with those of Romco. The directors of these companies are top-flight as decision-making is centered. They do not consult other stakeholders as they have a final say, and thus, they take aim decisions based on their personal gains and interest without considering other employees. Honesty and transparency among the directors are not observed, and thus, the assignation of resources to different departments is not uniform, hence affecting operations of the company. These companies have constantly become the victims of the federal sentencing guidelines. This is because of their stroke to complying with the basic laws, regulations, and rules. In addition, they have failed to establish the get hold of business ethics and code of conduct appropriate for corporate governance. Ramco, unlike its competitors, have set r ules of conduct, which are adhered to, and strictly observed by the parties involved in the company. The interests of various stakeholders that are significant for the growth and success of the company should be considered. Romco has managed to achieve this role. Decision making in the company is reached by involving all participants. In this case, the decisions do not lie in the detention of directors, and managers, the decision-making is decentralized. The directors of Ramco execute their duties with fairness, honesty, and transparency. They are required to perform their duties professionally, with determination and

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