Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Half of a Yellow Sun Essay -- Analysis, Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche

To go to war is to engage in a fight with an some other Nation. Many view war as being an appropriate action that can only solve problems. Others believe that war is a violent action that leads to nothing but casualties. In the article, Regarding the twirl of Others Susan Sontag writes about the torture soldiers are inflicting on prisoners. Some torture was done so brutally that the some of the soldiers deem that acts as correct and in the cultivate seem to try to dehumanize the victims. The bush administration considered torture as being mistreatment not evil. The Blog Military Blog by Zachary Scott-Singley deals with the day by day life and thoughts of a solider at war. Zachary Scott-Singley is a soldier struggling with the wrong of his actions. At one brain, he believes that the killing of Iraqis is okay, but he past believes it is not. He was torn between he believes is right and not. The story Half of a Yellow Sun by Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche is a story about a young girl and her families struggles during the Nigerian civil war of the 1960s. Her family has pride like much of the people of Biafra. That all changed when her younger brother Obi died, and the family realizes at that point the war was lost. While Sontag still principal(prenominal)tained that war was not bad, she still believed that it was the torture of others that made war such a brutal action. On the other hand, Zachery from military blog was lost trying to find out if War was correct or not. The characters from Half of a Yellow Sun share a belief that war is necessary to defend their nations honor and pride but as the war progresses and it began to affect them they begin to see that the war was not as productive as they hoped it would be. Looking at pictures of war is like l... can come from war. War is seen as a last resource because of all the somatogenetic and mental damage it causes. In the story Half of a Yellow Sun war was seen as a way to gain the respect of a nation, but a s the story progressed the family became affected, and the war that was supposed to benefit did nothing but badly affect them. In the blog Military Blog the main character saw war as a way of defending is nations pride along with protecting his family, but his continuing struggles with his actions kept him from being homelike with his actions. In the article Regarding the torture of others, Sontag saw the war as being a process that was not wrong but that was turned upside coldcock because of the immoral actions of the soldiers. All the characters in each text showed how war changes not just the picture of war but the emotions and reasons that change afterward.

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