Thursday, May 2, 2019

Personal Leadership Analysis and Action Plan Term Paper

Personal Leadership Analysis and Action Plan - Term Paper causeThey did things together as a family including shopping. John would pay the bills showing good examples to the children that when they become men they would pauperism to be like John. I mean john was everything to us, working with the government he took them to the best schools in town he taught them how to do basic things that a child needs to know including discipline and manners, he was their source of encouragement as he encouraged them to take up challenges in life. Sophia was heaven on earth she helped the children with school work, do our food, sung and even played with them. Meal measure was celebration time Sophia would make the meal with her hands that had the touch of class. He baking was top class as no bakery in town would compare to it. She made cakes for the children as if they were daily bread, and the daily bread that she made was as if every day was an occasion. Whenever food was served it never matt ered what was on the table, it was always taken with joy. This was utopia in original life.Then John quit his job, and he was greatly compensated. This simply meant that he had more money that before, they went from organism a middle class to a rich family. He ventured into businesses that had great returns, John was rich. He was a successful man in every rite of business he ventured into but true as they say, more money more problems.The family started seeing less of John more day by day he would go on trips that involved business. Days grew into weeks and weeks became months. This was followed by both Sophia and john beginning to disbelieve each other, each alleging the other of cheating. John claimed Sophia was seeing another man and Sophia state John had been sported one at a time with another woman.Finally the day came when the truth came to light. John came in and called the family together, and in his eloquence he said he had come to a decision to leave Sophia and had foun d another woman that he would marry. right away this

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