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My Brother Sam Is Dead Essay -- essays research papers

My Brother Sam is Dead Author by JamesLincoln Collier and Christopher Collier course of instruction HistoricalFiction Summary It starts out in the 1770s during theRevolution War and Samuel Meeker or Sam for short justinterred the room of the tavern and he chimes in toeverybody who is waiting to eat, he comes in saying wherebeating the Lobster Backs. His father, Eliphalet Meeker butcalled Life for short, starts arguing with son. After a whilethey calmed down and change the subject. finally TimMeeker or sometimes called Timmy, the narrator and one ofthe main two characters of the story in the story goes out tothe barn to milk the cow Old Pru. Witches be one of hisdaily chores and ask Sam to join him. While Tim is milkingOld Pru hes talking to Sam about how has he been latelyand what is he doing back at home. And Sam tells him truthwhy he is back at home, and its to get the Brown Bess.Which is the familys gun and Tim swears that he cant tellMom or Dad. Well in the morning when Sam t rys to get theBrown Bess his father catches him and they get big fightwhether hes going to fight the British or not and finally his pop throws him out the house. While the Meekers are atChurch, Sam goos back to the Tavern, where his familylives and works and he stills the Brown Bess. Well later onthe Rebels or the patriots or now called the Americans.Went threw the townsfolk of Redding. Which is where theMeekers live. They where going door to door. Takingpeoples guns and graves. When they came to the Tavernthey where demanding for there gun. They wouldnt believethat there son stole it and took it with him to the Rebelscamp and they wouldnt believe him cause it was Toriterritory and that they where threatening to violent death Life if theydidnt give them there gun. Then Tim ran out the door and heran to go get Colonel Read. Since he knew that Sam was aRebel and colonel read was a colonel for the Rebels, butwhen he got to where he was he saw Sam with the Gunsleeping with it. Then h e snatched it and started running backto his house and when he was half way there Sam woken upand was yelling him to stop but he wouldnt stop, but sinceSam was older and bigger he caught Tim right as they reachthe town of Redding. Then Tim had to explain what hadhappen and Sam didnt want to go back but he went withTim just in cas... ... was a wellhead written book itwas very detail and good storywriter but the end didnt havea big enough bain. Like it just made it identical a dull result butall the way up to where Tim goes crazy on the Rebels. Healso kind of fueled you which is kinda good when u first readthis tittle you think the British killed Sam when it wasRebels. what kinda sucked about it is that they dragged outto the end. which made you know whats going to happenwhen ending came. thats why it was so dull cause I was onthe last page and Sam still hasnt been killed yet so I knewright out what was going to happen. Recommendations Iwould recommend this if you want to study the sight affectsof the war. but if your like me and youre proud to be anAmerican, Patriot, or a Rebel then I wouldnt read this ittalks about how bad it was for the Rebels to go war for nogood reason. When in fact it was cause later we became thegreatest country in the whole wide world. Everything aboutthis country is so much better than anything else so thatswhy IM proud to be an American. Copyrights 1974 toJames Lincoln Collier and Christopher Collier. of Pages211 pages including the epilogue

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