Saturday, May 11, 2019

How can information systems help achieve operational excellence Essay

How can information systems help achieve operational excellence - endeavor ExampleThe researcher states that by helping quantify certain aspects of processes and standards, information systems are potent tools for practicing OE. For example, prosody and KPI definition for business processes can be measured at crucial points and fed into a database. thus steps could be taken to improve upon these metrics and KPIs values. Moreover, in recent years, a field of sight called IT valuation research has asserted the links between information technology and organizational performance. As per this personify of research, Information Systems are potent tools in creating value for the organization. There is now a substantial big bucks of studies that illustrate a relationship between IT and some aspect of firm value, whether it be financial (e.g., ROI), average (e.g., process-related) or effective (e.g., perception-related). By creating value through these avenues, IS can make an organizati on achieve operational Excellence. But, Information Systems, as simply software and hardware implements, do not add the value of their own, and so must be components of a business value creating process with other IS and organizational factors operating in a synergistic manner.

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